ITSM (7.xx) Asset Module Add-On
Rmdsoft CI Manager For BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite

  1. This Add-On will allow all Asset users to manage and search CI's for multiple Classes from within a single View. For example, users can search Computers (including Solaris, AIX, VM,... Virtual Classes) / Mainframes for any attribute (like host name, domain, ...) from within the RMDSoft single Extended view. 
  2. Asset console extended searches will allow users to search any attribute of any class or multiple classes with one click without maneuvering outside the console.
  3. Searching and Reporting are way easier and faster.
  4. No out-of-the Box workflow altered and this will keep the system vitually ready for any future BMC upgrade, moreimportantly, customization are no issue and they are encouraged if it helps better drive your business needs
  5. This will come on top of the Asset Module and assimilate it�s exsiting data.
  6. RMDSoft Extended Asset will allow Administrators to Choose datasets and Classes to manage, this will reduce signinficantly the amount of data managed which makes the system even faster.
  7. Read-only views could be provided for specifc groups (NOCs or other supporting groups) for browsing and reporting. This capabitlity will reduce the need to have a reporting server.
  8. Asset console saved searches will include any attribute of any class or multiple classes.
  9. No training is required.
  10. In one click, users could switch back and forth between RMDSoft Exteneded Asset and Asset Module out-of-the Box screens.

i.e. To arrange for a demo, please contact [email protected]

   ITSM (7.xx) Change/Release Module Add-On
2) Rmdsoft Risk Manager For BMC Remedy Change Management 

- Risk Level: Very neet Risk Level Calculation with dynamic questions and answers, no limit on number of questions and no limit on the number of corresponding answers (i.e.for each question) presented in one screen. 

   ITSM (7.xx) Change/Incident Module Add-On
3) Rmdsoft Tree Notification For BMC Remedy IT service Management

- Dynamic, configurable and on demand notifications for all users/support groups 4 levels up (i.e. Parent relationship) and 4 level down (i.e. Child relationship) for each CI attached to the corresponding Incident ticket.